Hi, I'm Amanda!

Hello bride-to-be! This is such an exciting time in your life! YOU ARE ENGAGED! How crazy is that? Give it a few weeks and you will eventually get used to having that ring on your finger! There is SO much to plan, prepare, and prep for your beautiful wedding day. Trust me, I get it. I've been there! You have to plan one perfect day, how hard can that be? (haha)

My name is Amanda Shipp, I am from Lehi Utah and I am happily married to my husband Josh. Josh and I met in high school. I know what you're thinking, high-school-sweethearts? Nope, but we crossed paths a few years after high school and the rest is history. Together, we are raising our beautiful daughter Charlie, who is a handful, gives the sweetest kisses, and loves food probably more than us. Occasionally Josh and I both work together on wedding days, and we love spending that time with each other and capturing memories with our beautiful couples!

I capture timeless modern photos that will still be in style for years to come. I want you to remember your wedding day like it was yesterday, because you will want to re-live your wedding day over and over again.