Spring Tips and Pointers


We know you don't get your picture taken everyday! We understand you might feel awkward or nervous in front of the camera, trust us, we've been there! We strive to help you feel confident and prepared for your session with us! We are constantly getting asked "What should I wear for my photos?" As the seasons change so does your wardrobe. We think if you look good you feel good! So here are a few suggestions 

The spring color scheme includes: Light pinks, light blues, light purples, light yellows, whites and creams photograph beautifully during the flowery blossom time of year! 

For Moms: Long flowy dresses, skirts, and blouses layered with a cardigan help make women feel and look feminine. Neutral colored heels, flats, sandals and ankle boots are recommended. (Flip Flops are not recommended!) Accessories such as a simple or bold necklace, earrings, or bracelets helps the look come together. If your hair is short or long I highly suggest wearing your hair down, either curled, wavy or straight because it photographs beautifully at all angles. 

For Dads: A white or pastel button down shirt is highly recommended. Dress slacks, khakis, or dark denim jeans paired paired with a belt. Black, grey, or tan closed toed shoes are recommended. (No shorts and flipflops, sorry dads!) Accessories include, ties, bow ties, and watches. 

For Girls: Long skirts or dresses, (Anything above the knee makes it hard for them to sit down comfortably.)  A stylish t-shirt or blouses and a cardigan paired with pastel colored pants or jeans looks great! Stylish flipflops, sandals, and flats are advised! Accessories include small earrings and bracelets. Long or short hair is suggested to be worn down either curled or worn straight. 

For Boys: A white, pastel, or a patterned button down is highly recommended. Or a stylish t-shirt with a cardigan looks great too!  Dress slacks, khakis, or denim jeans are advised. Closed toed black, grey, or tan shoes. (Again, no flip flops!) Accessories include, ties, bowties, and belts. 

Whether you're getting your makeup professionally done or you're doing it yourself the more the makeup the better! Have you ever heard of "Cake Face?" Well that is perfectly ok when you are getting your photos taken! The more the better! Neutral eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, blush, bronzer, lipstick, lipgloss, you name it! Makeup helps tie in your outfit and helps completes the look! Makeup also helps prevent you looking washed out and helps the photos come alive! Sounds a bit strange, but I also recommend a sheer lipgloss for girls 3+ just so their lips don't look chapped! 

And as always, remember to  BRING YOUR SMILE!  You never look bad smiling! Your smile is the key for a beautiful session! So come excited and remember to not leave your smile behind!